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A Walk To Remember

Most girls dream about that special day. The day when they get to dress up like a princess and start their happily ever after with their dreamy prince.

For me, getting married wasn’t such a big deal, that was until I thought it may never possible.

A year has past since the day my darling and I began our forever together, and I honestly can’t believe we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary already.

As we sit back and reminisce on our magical day I wanted to share with you a little insight to how I was feeling leading up to our big day..

Of course I’ll marry you!

10 months flew faster than I could’ve hoped for. From the day that he asked me to be his wife in front of a room full of high school students until the day that no amount of time could have prepared me for.

I lost count of the number of “to-do lists” that I had made, and my “super foods” cabinet in my kitchen was overflowing with supplements to support my immune system to prevent me from getting sick in the lead-up to our wedding day.

Would I be able to do it

Every conversation I had within that ten months held that specific question:

Do you think you’ll be able to walk down the aisle, and every answer I gave was the same.

If there was one thing I knew for certain about this spinal cord injury it was that I would not let it get the better of me on this particular day, and no matter what technology it took, this quadriplegic would be making that walk!

“Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun”, is something I heard far too many times and whilst I could plan every minor important detail of the event that was our wedding, I could not plan how my body would be or feel on that very morning. All I could do was tell myself that this day was far too special to not fall into place and that the universe would have my back, much like many times before.

Preparing my body

I trained my body physically, well, as often as I could, but I trained my mind constantly. I was finally going to get to call the love of my life, my husband. The one who loves me unconditionally, the one who has my heart and can see deep within my soul. The one who has never seen my wheelchair.

This day was going to give even the greatest love stories a run for their money.

I woke up on that sunny March day, or did I even sleep? I’m still not sure. As sore as my body felt the day before, today it felt like I could fly. I screamed at the top of my lungs, “I’M GETTING MARRIED”, and my three best friends who would stand at my side awoke with joy.

Today I wasn’t just leaving my wheelchair behind. I was proving to everyone who once told me that this day would not be possible, that the word itself says “I’m Possible”.

I was walking towards my future, one full of abilities, one full of love and one forever full of triumph, and I was doing it all in cowgirl boots!

Of course the day had a couple of little hiccups which is always a brides greatest fear and planning a wedding is never easy but these incredible people helped take so much of the pressure off us and I cannot reccomend their services enough.

To any brides to be out there that are currently planning their big day, the greatest advice I can give you is to just allow yourself a moment to remember that your marrying your best friend, soulmate and partner in crime and everything else doesn’t matter. All that matters is the love the two of you share and that won’t ever compare to the little things that may not go to plan on the day. Embrace the love! Forget the worry!

Our wedding day couldn’t have been made possible without the love and support of so many people and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for going above and beyond to enable us to have the most magical day possible.

While we are simple people, there were a few elements that absolutely had to be included into our day as they help represent the bond we share together. Obviously we HAD to have our dogs in our ceremony, how could we not! They are such a huge part of our lives and we couldn’t imagine not sharing our day with them. Even our cats were included by way of having their photos in charms on my bouquet!

Both myself and hubby wore cowboy/girl boots to represent our love for the country lifestyle and because they are REALLY bloody comfy!

My bridesmaids all picked their own dresses after I chose black as the colour as I wanted them all to feel comfortable and confident in whatever style suited their body shapes. The black also really enhanced the sunflowers in their bouquets.
My lovely ladies also wore Rose Gold Jewellery that was purchased from Lovisa and chose their own nude coloured shoes.

The Groomsmen wore Denim Jeans with Blue Plaid Shirts in which they all choose themselves, Tweed Vests which were custom made and again, their own choice of boots.
( I have chosen not to list the vest supplier as we weren’t exactly happy with the outcome or the service we were provided, but these things happen!)

My handsome groom wore denim jeans with a white shirt under his vest and cowboy boots to match his bride (we’re cute like that!)

A three piece band kept our guests entertained throughout the night playing our favourite country music with lead by singer Lee Forster whom we found on YouTube from Country Victoria.

We decided against having a seating plan as together we thought it was far to much of a hassle to work out who was sitting where so we left it up to our guests, besides, we wanted everyone to get to one another as our families where now combined.
Our guests enjoyed a traditional Aussie Roast Dinner Buffet provided by Gum Gully Farm and the open bar kept them on their toes until their shoes came off and they were supplied with thongs (flip flops).

The Masters Behind the Magic

Our Venue: Gum Gully Farm located in Silvan, Victoria
Wedding Gown: The Remmington by Hayley Paige was so generously loaned to me by Eternal Bridal and fully customised by Jacque Alterations.
Make Up: By Peta Gai, Owner and Director of Iridis Cosmetics
Hair: Vision Blonde
Flowers: Fluer De Feliss
Cake: A Little Bite Of Heaven
Photographer: White Shutter Photography
Celebrant: Amanda Ashton Weddings (Honestly the best celebrant I have ever seen preform and personalise a ceremony and this was such a pivotal part of why our day was perfect!)

The Little Things:
Something Old: A pair of my great grandmothers pearl earrings and grandmothers engagement ring
Something New: Black Opium Perfume
Something Borrowed: My mothers garter that she wore on her wedding day
Something Blue: I had “I do” stamped in blue diamonties on the bottom on my boots!

Our Wedding Songs:
Forever Begins Tonight by the McClymonts
God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton
Tangled Up In You by Staind
Then by Brad Paisley

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