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Kombucha that ROK’s

If you don’t know what kombucha is yet there you’ve absolutely been living around a rock! So allow me to pull you out from under it and introduce to the GREATEST soft drink alternative that is actually good for you.

Ok so you know me, I’m up front and brutally honest, there are ALOT of kombucha brands out there that I don’t rate, but I have finally found one that is delicious and really lives up to its name.

rok Kombucha is a raw, organic Kombucha (hence the name rok!) that is hand-made in Western Australia’s Margret River by  a community passionate about cultivating some of the nation’s best produce so when you pick up a bottle of rok, imagine yourself walking along or surfing at the Margaret River beaches, or walking through the never-ending vineyards.


What is Kombucha – Direct from those at rok:

Shout it out kom-booch-ah! It’s delicious and it’s good for you, need we say more?

From ancient beginnings to today’s booch, kombucha is a mix of tea fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (yep that’s the SCOBY), that produces a unique and tantalising probiotic effervescence that is oh so good for you.

Put simply, our booch® is bubbles with benefits!

Step 1 – BrewStep 1

First, we source only the highest quality certified organic white and green tea that the world has to offer. Then, we kick-start the fermentation process by combining yeast and bacteria with a healthy serving of organic sugar and plenty of pristine Margaret River rainwater.

Step 2 – Blend 

This is where the magic happens – fermentation! The booch is alive and rok-ing! The raw, certified organic sugar is consumed by the yeast and bacteria and we are left with an acidic blend of amazing organic acids, live digestive enzymes and probiotic goodness. Pure, raw and authentic ingredients are then added to the brew to create a perfectly blended and balanced booch.

Step 3 – BoxStep 3

Margaret River’s bubbling booch is ready to rok!  We get busy with the bottling process. No glitz and glam here, we simply pack up our rok for its journey out of Margaret River and up to the masses.

Step 4 – Boom!Step 4

Bubbling with literally millions of beneficial yeast, bacteria and live digestive enzymes, rok is a living superfood that will rok your socks off! All that good stuff in our banging booch can help improve gut function, assist with digestion and detoxification and support overall immune system health. Bubbles with benefits!

Dreamed about since 2013, and willed into existence in 2015, rok Kombucha is the result of a husband and wife’s shared passion for delicious, healthy beverages and personally I reckon they’ve nailed this booch right down from taste to the name!

Owners Trent (AFL player turned winemaker) and Amanda (a former Business Improvement Analyst) discovered the benefits of kombucha when looking for a natural way to support their young family’s health. After brewing a couple of batches, they were hooked on this ancient, sparkling, probiotic beverage and made it their mission to share its’ immune and energy boosting properties with Australia.

Working together with local and international organic suppliers, Trent and Amanda have sourced the very best ingredients Margaret River and the world has to offer. That’s why in every bottle of rok, you’ll find a masterfully balanced flavour profile that really brings out the best in each sip with my favourite flavours being Berry Beats and Passionfruit Rap!

Available nationally through various outlets including Independent Supermarkets, Grocers, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Physiotherapists, Gyms, Wineries and Health Food Stores.

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