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Manifesting a New Year – Creating a Magical Wish Jar

The start of a New Year brings us the opportunity to set new goals, intentions and of course make new wishes. It is a great time to pause and reflect and enable us to recall on any lessons learned from the past year, check off any goals we have accomplished, and start the first chapter of the year ahead.

Personally, I have many goals, or bucket list items to check off in 2018 and to ensure these things don’t get overlooked here are a few fun little spiritual activities that will allow me to consistently manifest my way through what I hope to be an adventurist new year!  Bring on the year of the dog!

Magical Manifestation or Wish Jar

What you will need:

  • Any type of jar, as long as it is big enough to fill with your wishes & intentions and has a lid.
  • Things that are relevant to your wishes or intentions. E.g. Photos, coins, shells
  • A pen
  • Paper
  • Tape or small elastic bands (one for each wish)
  • A label maker or lettered stickers (if you want to get really crafty)
  • A large white candle (must be big enough to burn during 12 full moons)
  • Small clear quartz crystals
  • Pink Himalayan Salt


  • Find a nice, quiet space that allows you to look deep into your heart and establish your wishes and intentions, preferably outdoors as it will allow you to ground out any negative energy at the same time.
  • Write out what you wish to achieve in the new year. This can be absolutely anything from working on your own self, to travelling, to securing something, this is YOUR jar so nothing is off limits.
  • Tear off each individual wish or intention, roll it up and secure it shut with tape or elastic band
  • Pour Pink Himalayan Salt into your jar. Use enough to completely cover the bottom of the jar. This is used to protect your jar from negativity energies
  • Pop in items that are relevant to your wishes and intentions
  • Pop in your sealed wishes and intentions
  • Pop in your clear quartz crystals. Clear quartz enhances the power of manifestation and amplifies your vibration, so wish hard while your adding these beauties to your jar.
  • Decorate your jar, again anyway you want to, this is your magical treasure!

Activating Your Wishes & Intentions:

What’s a magical jar without a magical ritual to activate and enhance your greatness desires? I like to incorporate all of the four elements into any ritual I partake. To me this acknowledges the power within our universe and gives thanks to it as we use it to activate our wishes.

  • Earth – Place your jar in the ground. This means literally popping it in the dirt or sand. Take it to your favourite place outdoors and sit with it as you manifest your intentions. When you feel done, then you’re done! Take it out and move onto the next element.
  • Air – Open up your jar, hold it out to the universe and allow it to fill with air, again, keep on wishing and manifesting. Close it up and get ready for the next element.
  • Fire – This ritual is one to practise on every full moon. Light your white candle. White candles represent clarity and new beginnings, sit it next to your jar and wish away. Full moons are symbolic to creating, recharging and manifesting. They also open up a floodgate to a deeper connection to the universe within. Don’t panic if you miss a full moon, whenever you’re feeling low, light that baby up and get to wishing and manifesting!
  • Water – This will complete the activation process of your magical jar. Place the bottom of the jar in a bowl of filtered water and leave it there, again until you feel the activation is complete. Another way to recognise this element whilst activating your jar is to deep the jar into a stream or river holding onto it tightly. You can even take it into the ocean with you allowing the bottom of the jar to touch the water, but DO NOT allow it to completely be dipped into the ocean. Chances are this will ruin your jar as it may fill up with water if not properly sealed.
  • Once your jar is activated, keep it sealed! You’re not allowed to reopen this jar until the next New Year! Allow it to become a fun New Year’s Eve tradition as you open it the following year and reflect on what you have achieved thus far.

Throughout the year keep your jar close by. Pop it on your bedside table, desk, or somewhere it can be seen constantly. This way you will subconsciously continue to think about what is inside.

If you’re a spiritual goddess like me, pull it out whenever your participating in moon rituals, or just simply feel the need to realign yourself with your thoughts, dreams and desires.
Remember, a dream is a wish your heart makes, so if you wish hard enough, they will come true!

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