“That’s just how I roll!”

When a spinal cord injury changed Rhiannon’s life at the tender age of 20 she took it as an opportunity to create a new purpose, or “pave the way” for a new path in life, as she puts it bluntly.

A young women who always had dreams and aspirations set about to find a way to achieve them even though they had to be slightly modified due to her physical disability. She was destined to show the world that there are far more abilities in her disability.

Since Rhiannon’s accident, her story has been an inspiration to many people, both affected by disability or injury, as well as giving everyday people a healthy serve of motivation.

Featured in many publications and media including “What really happens in Bali” and most recently named Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Game Changer” Women of the Year, Rhiannon shares her many abilities through public speaking and blogging to encourage and empower those living a challenged lifestyle both in the disability and able bodied communities.