An open letter to the full moon

A full moon happens roughly every 28 days and it is the perfect opportunity for us to release things that are no longer serving us but also give thanks that they once did.

The moon, being the closest astronomical body to Earth, has a profound effect on us. It represents the feminine, emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives and can impact everything from our habits to our personalities.

Tonight I am starting a new journey that is to not just pop my crystals out for cleansing under the full moon, but to embrace the new moon and set intentions, wishes and begin to manifest each and every single one of them.

I think we can all agree this year is proving to be a difficult one for many, and for me personally and professionally it has felt like an enormous test. But a couple of months ago I finally put together a vision board that is directly in view of my bed and it is the first and last thing I see each day. Low and behold one by one in such a short time, many of my visions have started to come true.

So to add to my power of manifestation, tonight I am writing my letter to the full moon asking for its support in what I am about to release and what I am wishing for both for myself and others as I close my eyes and think of what it feels like to already have them, and here is what I am asking:

Dear Moon,
It is the 16th day in October. It’s a Sunday night and today has been a very productive day. I have spent the day showing myself some love and spending time with the keeper of my heart.
It’s been another difficult month emotionally but for the first time in a long time, my excitement for my professional career is back and in full swing. I acknowledge the reasonings behind this excitement and that is the people that believe in me and my capabilities. Their heartfelt belief gives me support during the time that I am not so confident in myself. So for them, I give thanks.

Sadness and confusion have been emotions that have visited me often this year due to the break up of my parents, so tonight I am releasing the sadness along with the energy it takes to feel this way, as although it hurts I need to open my heart to happiness and in turn wish for so much of it for the both of them.

Over the next month I will become another year older, I may or may not win a very special award, and I will celebrate and appreciate the opening of a new, refreshed and vibrant facility. I will embark on a new venture with a friend that shares my vision and beliefs and together we will make real magic happen. Not the kind you see in movies but the kind you create and the universe acknowledges, so I ask for your support in inviting abundance, confidence, energy and success into both of our lives along the way.

I will no longer worry about finances as I believe my  self worth will bring prosperity into my life which in turn will hold the key to my future.

Thank you for gifting me with this moon and all of its power, see you next month!

Love & light