Speaking & Advocacy

Since Rhiannon’s accident, her story has been an inspiration to many people, both affected by disability or injury, as well as giving everyday people a healthy serve of motivation.

In 2012, Rhiannon began sharing her story of resilience and empowerment to educate and motivate primary and secondary school students across Victoria. Since falling in love with engaging a crowd she has since expanded her audience to corporate organisations and has been invited to guest speak at specific events and functions.

During her presentations Rhiannon shares her journey of triumph while battling the complications of her spinal cord injury as well as how she continues to overcome adversity as a women who is continuously  breaking down the barriers of living with a disability in a diverse world. A true believer in the power of positivity, Rhiannon discusses the importance of creating a purpose in your life and shares her own personal views on creating and setting goals, but most importantly gives her audiences an insight into how makes sure her goals are achieved.


After sustaining a spinal cord injury and becoming a quadriplegic, Rhiannon shares her journey of adaption to a new normal, while being forced to accept her impairments.

Rhiannon’s ability to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome saw her creating Australia’s first NFP Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Centre as her new life began to serve a purpose, one that would create hope and be forced to break down barriers within the disability community.

While sharing her journey with holistic medicine, Rhiannon educates her audience in the understanding of why it is important to not let your mind, or the views of anyone else control your body.

Rhiannon believes that there is no challenge we have faced in our lives that hasn’t made us a stronger version of ourselves, therefore she shares her public marriage breakdown experience and the emotional trauma that saw her ALMOST lose her strength.

When life throw you wheels, you pump up those tires and move forward!

Rhiannon’s tenacious personality as well as her smile is contagious, therefor it was only a matter of time before it got noticed by some of the world’s leading brands such as Levi’s who collaborated with her in re-marketing their brand with a focus on disability inclusion.

Rhiannon reminds her audience that every situation is temporary, including the life we are living which is why it is vital to have dreams, or we are simply giving up on ourselves.
She shares 5 insightful tips (take-aways) that she has implemented into her life to ensure she lives the best one possible.

Rhiannon provides her audience with educational tips and knowledge around Disability Diversity, Access & Inclusion with a focus on how to create a more inclusive world together.

Rhiannon invites the audience to ask direct questions regarding her story.


“Rhiannon really shows that true grit and real Aussie spirit of never giving up!”
– Health Ability

“Rhiannon’s spirited, warm and honest account has left its mark on us. For her fortitude and preparedness to continue making a difference was strikingly uplifting. Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College VCAL students embraced Rhiannon’s real life example of converting a somewhat negative, life changing experience into something positive.”
– Emma Lopreiato,
Student at Mount St Joseph Girls’ College

“Our students were engaged and inspired throughout Rhiannon’s amazing story and presentation. She is one of the most positive and inspiring people the students said they have ever met. Her story and life lessons were plentiful and she has left the mantra ringing in our ears – ” I’M POSSIBLE! ”
– Kristy Simmons, PDS Coordinator

“With such charisma Rhiannon tells her story with so much passion that it’s impossible to not have a connection with her.”
-VCA Student (Victorian College of the Arts)

“When you meet someone who is so positive and is doing so much to help others, it means a lot and inspires you to do the same.” – Barry Hall, Former AFL Footballer and Sports Commentator

2012 Young Australian of the Year
2013 Women’s Day Women of the Future nominee
2014 Access & Inclusion Australia Day Award recipient
2015 (current) Wings for Life World Run Australian Ambassador
2016 – Cosmopolitan “Game Changer” Women of the Year

To have Rhiannon speak at your next event or function please email: pru@onedaydream.com.au