Clean Body – Clean Mind – Clean Soul

One of my big goals this year is to have a healthy body inside and out!

This means not only focusing on what I eat, but also focusing on what I am doing actively, mentally and emotionally.
Here are some of my tips and steps to put this in action. Maybe you could try this too and cleanse that body and soul of yours :)

Clean Body

Give Up:

*caffeine (yep that means coffee and soft drinks – I’m not a big soft drink person but coffee is something that I’m working on giving up!)
*fried foods

Take On:

*drink more lemon water and green tea
*be active in some way every day
*challenge your body—if you love to run try a yoga class to switch it up, I’m thinking about trying horse riding.
*get at least 8 hours of sleep
*drink 2 litres of water a day

Clean Mind

Give Up:

*negative thinking
*being lazy
*insomnia (this is a big one for me as spinal cord injuries affect sleep, so this is something I am looking into this year!)

Take On:

*more calling and less texting (or even better, paying visits in person!)
*tell yourself one positive thing you love about yourself every morning
*go on an adventure
*learn something new
*live in the moment

I truly believe that these goals all go hand-in-hand! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to start eating better, thinking happier thoughts, and making 2013 the best year yet :)