Don’t worry, be happy!

Allow me to take you to a place filled with love, gratitude and above all things, happiness.

We all have that one place. That place you go to that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and makes you smile from your heart.

Aussie nutritional mastermind Lola Berry has recently teamed up with coffee guru Salvatore Malatesta (of St Ali) to allow us to take a step into their “Happy Place”. A little health haven situated in the prime location of South Melbourne Market, delivering two of Lola’s most embraced passions, happiness and food that is not just incredibly tasty, but is good for you!

“Happy Place is about inspiring wellness and being a place where you can pick up healthy on-the-go meals, snacks, smoothies and juices, however it’s also about empowering you to find the happy place within yourself”, says Lola.

Even the menu makes you smile
With smoothies such as “I love Oprah” which is infused with flower essences to promote self courage, as well as raw treats that let you curb your sweet cravings the healthy way, its fairly impossible to leave this delicious little cafe without wearing your best asset, a smile!
With such a diverse and creative menu there is something for everyone whether you have a sweet tooth, need a post workout protein hit, or you just purely need a little pick me up.

Magic only has power if you believe in it, and Lola definitely does, providing each costumer with their very own crystal as a way to further instil the wellness and holistic atmosphere that is the general philosophy behind the Happy Place.


A powerful space
Whats a happy place without a happy space? Nothing creates a more energising and uplifting atmosphere then surrounding yourself with crystals, and in amongst the earthy stoned concrete and peaceful interiors is a floor literally full of clear quartz crystals.


Lola is just as sweet as a berry
She’s probably going to laugh out loud at that comment, but I’m a full believer that creating a truly uplifting and happy environment comes down to the creator and Lola Berry and her incredibly bubbly and cheerful persona are a true testament to why this place is absolutely bomb!
If you are lucky enough to know her you’d agree that she is rarely without a smile so it was only a matter of time before she created a space where that smile could become contagious, and that is the Happy Place!


What makes a person so humble
I headed straight to the source to get some insight into what keeps Lola smiling, and this is what she had to say.

R: What is YOUR happy place? (Eg, A destination or place you feel the happiest)
L: My happy places to be living from the heart doing what I love most. In yoges (yoga) they call it to be living your dharma which means living your true calling. It can be anywhere in the world but I think true happiness comes from within your own heart.

R: What is your happiness memory?
L: So many! I really loved volunteering at West Harlem Soup Kitchen in New York as it was a very humbling experience. I also love nature so swimming with giant sea turtles in Hawaii is up there too.

R: How do your like to spread and share happiness?
L: I think you spread happiness by living your truth and that just means unapologetically doing what you love and that will naturally inspire others to do the same!

Happy Place is open 7 days a week from 7am-5pm at stall 56 at the South Melbourne Market in Cecil Street, South Melbourne.

If you are new to the smoothie game I highly recommend the Salted Caramel Smoothie. It’s my absolute fav!

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