Make your squad count

#Squadgoals is a common tag you see all over the social media pages, but do you ever consider just how important it is to surround yourself with positive influences?

Looking back over the past 7 years I have really filtered out and made big culls to my friendship circle. I actually consider it a super power I have been gifted since having my injury, the power to perceive bullshit! Therefor the people that I used to consider friends, are now just people that I used to know, and the people that you see at my side, you will see there for the rest of my life.


BFF’s – Sandy, Caitlin & Lauren

Life is full of chapters, and each person that comes into your life plays their role in your story. Some become hero’s, and of course some become villains, but sometimes it can be the characters in the background of your story that turn out to play the most important roles. Your friends.

I never considered myself as part of a clique growing up. I’ve always been a social butterfly so enjoyed surrounding myself with different personalities. Obviously over the years my feelings and opinions have changed, as well as my own personality so people may or may not have decided to keep me in the great adventure that is their life, but hey, good friendships should always be mutually beneficial right?

13091947_10153744292984412_1737855107987278585_nNew friends that will be old friends
Kate, Harry & Caleb

Going through something traumatic in your life like having a spinal cord injury changes more then just your appearance and capabilities, and for me it changed who I wanted to surround myself with.
I wanted a positive outcome for my recovery and my life, and I quickly realised the negative effects some of my so called “support networks” were having on me. So amongst many of the decisions I had to make to determine the rest of my life, one of the most important ones I made was who I would surround myself with. It was from that moment on I started connecting with people that shared the same goals as me, whether they were in wheel chairs or not. My priority was to only have people in my life that were making the most of theirs. People that were motivated, determined and most of all were POSITIVE.

12552649_10153504415869412_7521748771422628004_nOne of the greatest women I have ever met, Elle Steele

This meant reconnecting with people that I associated with in my past, but back then had a different view on life and maybe didn’t make enough effort to notice the brilliance they had lying within. I also began to meet new people, people that made me laugh, people that inspired me, and even people that continued to help make me a better person. These similarities quickly developed into unbreakable bonds and I have never in my life felt as happy and content with the circle of power forces I have around me now.

12933008_10153712114329412_418058225257008986_nFriends with common interests will always make for exciting times. A true role model and good friend, Lola Berry.

I am a firm believer in this saying: If you can count your true friends on one hand, you have been blessed with one of the greatest gifts!
To all the people that are now a part of my life and will be forever, I thank you and I love you x