Soul Feeders of 2017 – The Hair & Beauty Edition

At the beginning of the year I set my self a challenge, to try new things, meet new people and expand my culinary horizons! This sounds simple, right? But for me, a women of habit and one not so easily persuaded it was tricky.

So I pumped up my tires (wheelie term), and on the 1st of January prepared to dip my heart and soul into new things that lit up my life and fixed a consistent smile to my face.

Allow me to introduce you to what has set my soul on fire this year.


Pure Hair Food: Repair Your Hair Protein Mask

A protein smoothie for your hair. Its perfect mix of protein plus moisture treats and repairs dry and damaged hair. As 95% of women use some type of hair straightener or curling iron on their hair – we designed the moisture boost to be heat activated.  You’ll be amazing at the results – it’s the perfect weekly maintenance treatment for anyone with coloured hair and made using all products sourced in Australia!

Ingredients contain:
Australian Macadamia Oil:  Protects hair and scalp.  This rich oil from the macadamia plant is high in calcium, vitamin B and E.  It helps to strengthen and promote healthy hair.

Australian Wheat Protein:  Strengthens and repairs damaged hair.  Increases the ability for your hair to soak up moisture and retain it.  Adds shine and gloss to damaged and dull hair.

Australian Soy Protein:  Increases the hair’s ability to hold moisture.  Strengthens and repairs hair whilst adding shine and smoothing hair to make it easier to manage.

The Body Shop: Drops of Youth Concentrate

Designed to combat the first signs of aging, Drops of Youth™ enhances the skin’s condition, leaving it looking fresher, smoother and healthier.

Drops of Youth™ is a natural alternative to anti-ageing potions. Utilising the very latest in plant stem cell technology, our Drops of Youth serum contains absolutely no silicon or parabens, and an amazing 99% of its ingredients are natural in origin. In this little bottle, science, nature and technology combine!

How it works:
When you’re young, your skin constantly renews itself to keep it looking fresh and smooth. However, as you age, your skin stops being able to do that so well. Drops of Youth™ is designed to enhance surface skin renewal, by helping your skin with the natural process of replacing the dead skin cells on top with new ones underneath.

With regular and continued use, Drops of Youth™ helps to revitalise your skin by kick-starting the cell repair process and delivering a much-needed hit of hydration. It delivers healthier, smoother skin with a more youthful glow.

Skinstitut: Glycolic Scrub

Key benefits of Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% GlycolicAcid provides effective chemical exfoliation, especially when combined with biodegradable Jojoba Beads to unclog pores. This effective scrub removes oil and promotes healthy skin cells to resurface for a smoother, more refined complexion.

For most skin types. except red, irritated or sensitive

Ingredients Contain:
Glycolic acid
Jojoba beads
Tea Tree oil

Hurraw! Lip Balms

Hurraw! Balm started out of pure intent; an obsession to create the perfect balm: truly natural, vegan, made from premium raw and organic ingredients. It also had to meet some tough criteria, long lasting, not sweet, never grainy, and the list goes on.
Hurraw! Lip Balms are 100% natural, organic and vegan. Each balm is made from premium raw and Fair Trade ingredients. These lip balms feel amazing on your lips: never sticky, greasy, grainy or over-scented. Instead, each balm is smooth, soft, and is formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Plus, the range of flavours suits every taste.

Up to 50% of each tube is made from post-consumer recycled materials, and have been cleverly shaped to fit in pockets without slipping out. Each lip balm is individually lovingly hand poured in Montana, USA.

Vee.p Whatever Max Powdered Clay Face Mask: 

A Cleansing and Conditioning mask for normal to combination skin. 100% natural clay mask. Made with Australian Black Clay, White Kaolin Clay and essentials oil. To use simply add equal parts mask and liquid (i.e. water, oil, etc).