Staying Fit in Autumn

As the weather changes, workout routines tend to change too. The shorter, cooler days often put our motivation to exercise into hibernation! However you feel about getting and staying active this autumn, making proper adjustments is crucial to keeping your workout plan on track during the season.

That’s why, have provided 8 simple, effective and fun tips for staying fit this autumn:

 1. Don’t let that sudden nip in the air put your workout plans into hibernation. Instead take your exercise routine inside. You’ll find a substitute for almost every outdoor exercise activity. If you love to swim outdoors during the summer, move your laps into an indoor pool. Do you treasure summer afternoons biking around the park? During autumn, maintain your fitness levels on a stationary bike until the weather warms up again. Moving into the gym can provide a great opportunity to mix up your training routine. Make use of the wide range of equipment in a gym and include weights as well as cardio into your plan.

2. Make exercise a social gathering. One of the great things about exercise is that it doesn’t need to be done alone. Find a friend with similar fitness levels and goals to you. Having an exercise partner will keep you both motivated. Best of all, you can use your exercise time to catch up on each other’s lives.

3. Join a social rugby or netball team; it’s another great social option, and a good way to make new friends. Many towns have indoor teams that are always keen to welcome new members.

4. Walk the dog while enjoying the cooler temperatures, the colours and crisp breezes without having to worry about either of you overheating! The fresh air will be great for your mind and your body, and you dog too.

5. Get active while sitting at your desk by following the Swiss Ball trend! Start by pushing away your desk chair for an hour a day and replacing it with a Swiss ball. This will not only strengthen your abdominals and core while working, but will keep concentration levels at an all time high, because you constantly have to stabilise yourself.

6. With the mornings and evenings getting darker, try rounding up your workmates and heading out for a lunchtime walk, run or dance lesson.

7. Exercise and do outside housework at the same time by mowing the lawns, raking the leaves and trimming shrubs so your garden looks in top condition for the start of winter. Don’t forget to have fun with your family in the process by playing in the leaves!

8. Ensure you continue to drink sufficient water. You may not feel as hot as over the summer months so may not feel the desire to drink as much, however, fluid loss is still an important consideration.