The greatest love of all

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince, and believe me I’ve had my fair share of frogs actually they were more like toads (#sorrynotsorry) but the moment I saw my Prince I knew he’d be my happily ever after.

I was 14 the day I met Mark. It was just another day after school like any other day. My friends and I were hanging out at the train station waiting for our buses home and eating charcoal chicken chips when I saw him.
There he was, making out with one of my friends. Not your average “love at first sight moment” I know. But it didn’t matter that he was with someone else, I saw those blonde curls creeping out of his light blue New York baseball cap and I knew there was something interesting about this boy.

I didn’t purposely make my presence known but I knew he had seen me, and for me that was enough at that moment because I knew we’d see each other again.

14 years, many failed relationships and a spinal cord injury later, my first love asked me to be his last love and of course I said yes (after he reminded me too because I was in so much shock that I actually forgot too answer him)!

Many girls dream of their wedding day, I say many because I know not EVERY girl has this dream, and to be honest I began to think about it more after my accident. I thought about whether I would get married, whether I’d be attractive to anyone again and whether I would ever walk down the aisle after becoming a quadriplegic.

I guess time will tell about some of those wonders but for now, I’M GETTING MARRIED! YIPPEE!

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