The secrets behind my mane

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a fascination with hair. Whether this was because mine never seemed to grow to the length I desired or whether it was because it was so dead straight that I seriously considered having it permed when I was just 13 and the only thing that prevented me from doing so was how short it would end up being. Hair has just always been “my thing.”

Throughout high school I was the girl that rocked the messy bun or severely moussed up tousled fake waves, and I remember always having my hair be a topic of conversation.

I also remember working in retail and receiving a mystery shopper report that mentioned my hair style. SLAY!

Up until I had my accident I had long thick hair. That was until the back of my head was shaved in hospital. During the early days of my recovery, my hair would just fall out in clumps due to the medication and would you believe me if I told you that sometimes this upset me more then the fact that I couldn’t walk?

Some may say that’s rediculous but my hair was always the thing that gave me confidence. It was like Harry Potters magic wand, I felt like it gave me power. It made me who I was, and who I am.

Since becoming a quadriplegic I’ve battled with so many issues, my skin and my hair being two that have always made me feel yuck!

My hair is so fine that when it grows it just snaps off (yes I am aware that being blonde doesn’t help this situation, but I’ve even gone darker to try and better it but that didn’t help), so because of this, and because just like every women injured or not, I like to feel beautiful, I fake long luscious hair and guess what, the hair comments have returned! SLAY – Again!

So because I’m all about sisterhood, and because I think it’s only right to share some of my hair secrets with you, I’ve decided to compile a little list of the products I use, yes including extensions my fellow long hair envied chicks.

Trust me, I’ve tried just about everything on the market when it comes to promoting healthy hair. I also eat the cleanest and best I’ve ever eaten in my life so really, I should have locks down to my bum. But I don’t, so I fake it until I make it, and these products helps me along the way. 

Keeping it clean & conditioned – Kerastase Bain De Force 

This is by far the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used and I can actually notice a difference compared to other products.
The price tag is a bit scary, but this is really a get what you pay for product!
I wash my hair generally when it feels that gross that it starts to get itchy.
Sounds yuck I know but when your hair gets oily it’s sometimes good to allow the natural oils to do their job too.


Treat & Nourish

I rotate between the RedKen Extreme Strength Builder, the Olaplex #3 at home treatment mask, and the Hello Hair Hydrating Mask, if I don’t have any of this on hand I melt some coconut oil in a saucepan with olive oil, let it cool and apply that to my dry dirty hair, leave it in over night and wash in the morning.

Continuing the treating process, my favourite leave inns are, Moroccan Oil on towel dried or dry hair and RedKen AntiSnap on towel dried hair.


Good hair starts from within

I take Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins on the daily, (believe the hype and celeb promoted posts because they are actually amazing) and as I mentioned earlier I eat pretty damn good. 

I do occasionally go through Avocado obsessive eating phases in which I find my hair loves me a lot during these times. Omega 3 and natural fats all promote healthy hair people so get to eating.


Fake it till you make it

This requires skill, and when I say that it means skill to know how to clip in extensions without it being obvious that it isn’t your real hair. There is nothing worse then an obvious weave girls!

I have had just about every available type of extension in my hair, but my favourite weave option is definitely clip inns. This option is also the least damaging to your hair and you can easily take them out and go about your normal treatment routine, and as mentioned above, the least damaging to your bank account.
On my long hair days, you will find me wearing Foxy Locks Extensions in Latte Blonde. These extensions come from the U.K, and they are by far the nicest quality of hair that is on the market for clip inn extensions.


I’m all about big hair so my hair is generally in big loose curls. This proved to be quite a task after my injury as using a curling wand was just not an option given my loss of hand control and dexterity. Thankfully I managed, after lots of practise to nails the GHD curls, but have recently found the dream curling tool for all women in my situation, and that is the SalonTech Spin Styler. This automatic curling wand literally does all the work for you while all you have to do is press one button! Its actually the best thing I have come across for big bouncy curls, and I would love to find the creator and give them a hug on behalf all women that can’t use their hands properly.

These are the products and things the work for me ladies, and when it comes to hair care I do consider myself pretty knowledgeable although I am NOT a hair dresser, so it is always good to consult with your hairdresser or stylist on what products would benefit your hair the most before making any big investments.