There’s A Little Magic In All Of Us

As a little girl I always remember I had a vivid imagination. I was an only child so I relied on my imagination to keep me company. I conjured up imaginary friends, interesting thoughts and even predictions that would come true without me even realising.

I was always intrigued by television shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Charmed and I wondered where they would come up with these stories lines and could there possibly, be any truth behind them?

As I got older I started to collect Spell Books, I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the pretty pictures or the spells itself that awoke something inside of me. I remember my parents talking about this infatuation with magic as “just a phase” I was going through and while I shrugged this off, I always wondered if my mother was actually aware that she was the one who inforced this magic within me, right back from the day she was told she could never have children, to the day she bestowed the name “Rhiannon” upon me.

I believe the universe always has a plan and behind every plan is a purpose.

When my mother fell pregnant with me it was not the first time she had been with child. It was also not the first time she had been told she couldn’t carry a baby.

But unlike the times before, my mother knew this time would be different. She fought with doctors as she truly believed that this baby would be born into the world, as happy and healthy as could be. Even if it meant her own health would be effected. She knew her purpose was to become a mother, and she would do whatever it took to make sure it would happen.

On the 8th of November in 1988 my life began. Everything from my name, to the date of my birth was spiritually significant. The number eight signifies regeneration and it is the number of a new beginning. Eight is 7 plus 1 and since it comes just after seven, which itself signifies an end to something, so eight is also associated with the beginning of a new era or that of a new order, and along with that, came my name.

c9ef51052617ad69f3ed20ec1dff922d“Rhiannon”, was far more then a Stevie Nicks song, in fact every lyric within that song holds a spiritual significance. Rhiannon was a Celtic Goddess and  a potent symbol of fertility, and a bringer of dreams, and a moon deity who is symbolized by a horse.

So without even knowing it, my mother had brought much more then just a baby into the world, she had created a magical being.

It is no wonder given the history of my creation that my love for magic and spirituality grew as I did, but after my brush with death (see my story) I feel like my spiritual awareness was heightened.

So I invite you along on this magical adventure that is my life and remember there is magic in everything we do, we see and how we live and those who don’t believe in it, will never find it!