Healthy Treats with Liv Jones – Director of Result Based Training

Overhauling my health during the last 8 years has been far easier then I ever imagined considering I grew up in a house hold full of low fat products with the running joke being that no one in my family could understand why we were so unhealthy given everything we ate was fat free!

Little did I know that while we were taking the low fat option, all of the foods we put into our mouth were loaded with sugar and preservatives and this was in fact why we were overweight and quite lethargic. Our bodies were not receiving the nutrients they needed to thrive and until I was forced by injury to realise just how important whole foods and a sugar free lifestyle were, I couldn’t fathom how something could be sweet without actually being sweetened by sugar. (more…)

Brace yourself hot chocolate lovers, I am about to take you to a place¬†you thought may never exist. A place where it’s ok to eat chocolate and not feel bad about it. A place where eating chocolate is good for you.
Nope! Your not dreaming, but if this makes you feel warm and fuzzy then let me put this drink in your hand and you’ll never want to wake up.