The Base Collective – Magnesium Based Skincare

The Base Collective makes genuine no nasties Magnesium based skincare and wellness products, but their more than just that.

Melbourne based duo Carly Pountney and Cassie Sanghvi are the founders of  The Base Collective, a new lifestyle brand that focuses on offering a wide range of no nasty skincare products that make you feel good from the inside out.


Overhauling my health during the last 8 years has been far easier then I ever imagined considering I grew up in a house hold full of low fat products with the running joke being that no one in my family could understand why we were so unhealthy given everything we ate was fat free!

Little did I know that while we were taking the low fat option, all of the foods we put into our mouth were loaded with sugar and preservatives and this was in fact why we were overweight and quite lethargic. Our bodies were not receiving the nutrients they needed to thrive and until I was forced by injury to realise just how important whole foods and a sugar free lifestyle were, I couldn’t fathom how something could be sweet without actually being sweetened by sugar. (more…)

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with digestive issues which too often make life incredibly crappy – pun intended! Since having a spinal cord injury things have unfortunately become a little more complicated.

Do you ever just have those moments or even those days when you just need a hug?

Hugging therapy is definitely a powerful way of healing. Research shows that hugging is extremely effective at healing sickness, disease, loneliness, depression, anxiety and . (more…)

I never realised just how possible it was to be so in-tune with your body until I became a quadriplegic.

After sustaining my spinal cord injury I was quickly put on a ridiculous amount of medications for pain, for muscle spasms, for bladder control, for sleep, for just about anything and every thing you could think of. (more…)


I cannot even begin to explain how magical it feels to be one of the nominees for this incredible award. There were a few seconds there when I found out that my name is on the list alongside such inspiring women.


It may be winter here in Australia and as cold as it is its still time to put down the remote control, turn off the iPad, and pop your mobile phone on airplane mode..

Rug up, fill up the thermas with a nice warm drink and go and play outside. Your body and your mind will thank you for it. Hibernation is not the answer and it will not make summer come any faster and it also won’t make the next season of Game of Thrones come around any sooner. Sorry folks!


Having a spinal cord injury means my body is constantly fighting with its self, and then theres my stubbornness that is pushing my body to do things that someone with my injury shouldn’t technically be able to do, so lets just say my health is my number one priority as it should be everyones! I suffer with low immunity, and chronic fatigue because of my injury so to keep me functioning at an optimal level, I try to fill my body up with as much goodness as possible and that starts as soon as I wake up. (more…)