The Base Collective – Magnesium Based Skincare

The Base Collective makes genuine no nasties Magnesium based skincare and wellness products, but their more than just that.

Melbourne based duo Carly Pountney and Cassie Sanghvi are the founders of  The Base Collective, a new lifestyle brand that focuses on offering a wide range of no nasty skincare products that make you feel good from the inside out.


At the beginning of the year I set my self a challenge, to try new things, meet new people and expand my culinary horizons! This sounds simple, right? But for me, a women of habit and one not so easily persuaded it was tricky.

So I pumped up my tires (wheelie term), and on the 1st of January prepared to dip my heart and soul into new things that lit up my life and fixed a consistent smile to my face.

Allow me to introduce you to what has set my soul on fire this year. (more…)


They say that blondes have more fun and while I completely agree being a blonde can be brutal if you don’t have the right hair stylist keeping your blonde on fleek! (more…)


I cannot even begin to explain how magical it feels to be one of the nominees for this incredible award. There were a few seconds there when I found out that my name is on the list alongside such inspiring women.


I’ve always been attracted to pretty colours and pretty things. I remember as a little girl watching both my great grandmother and my mum glamifying themselves for whatever reason, and I remember everything from the way they looked to the way they smelt (more…)

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a fascination with hair. Whether this was because mine never seemed to grow to the length I desired or whether it was because it was so dead straight that I seriously considered having it permed when I was just 13 and the only thing that prevented me from doing so was how short it would end up being. Hair has just always been “my thing.”